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If you do not know the platform yet, we suggest you download the Installer. It will check and download the proper package for you automatically during the installation.
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If you disable the feature of Auto-Update during installation of KSneManager, please come back and check this page to download a newer version of KSnetManager when you update your browser. That will prevent KSnetManager from being out of sync with your new browser.

Your unexpired license key will be valid for the newer versions of KSnetManager.
KSnetManager has a 30-day trial period. You must purchase a license key in order to use the program after the trial expires.
KSnetManager requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 to run. Please make sure that .Net 3.5 has been installed on your system before installing KSnetManager. By default, Windows 7, or higher, does not require you to install .Net Framework 3.5. It comes as an OS component.
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 is free of charge, and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website (click to download .Net 3.5).

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