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KSnetManager is a revolutionary parental control tool designed to help your children succeed.
It puts you in charge of your child´s computer activities, and teaches them the importance of time management.
KSnetManager is distinct from other internet monitoring software:
Yellow Dot Instead of being a hidden monitor program, it is an interactive tool.
Yellow Dot Instead of passive monitoring, it actively filters out and blocks unexpected activities.
Yellow Dot It controls and monitors both internet access and applications runing on your computer.
Yellow Dot It can control Admin-user accounts, as well as Standard-user accounts.
Yellow Dot It has the capability to record every keystroke and log to an encrypted file.
Yellow Dot It can alert you to potential malware and viruses on your computer.
Green Dot Create personalized control settings for each member of your family
Green Dot Have timed access control to all known & unknown IP addresses, including chatting and game sites
Green Dot Choose applications on your computer to control or block, including offline games
Green Dot Set access times for specific days and hours of the week
Green Dot Receive automatic emails with encrypted reports of all activity
Green Dot Have keystroke encryption for keylogging protection
Green Dot Automatically block internet access for unauthorized accounts
Green Dot Block critical files to reduce the risk of getting malware and viruses on your computer
Green Dot Detech the other hidden programs that use Internet and may spy or steal data from your system
Green Dot Control browsers (like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox) and other internet programs
Green Dot Have exclusive control over the settings for each account
Red Dot Easy-to-install Software
Red Dot User-friendly set-up guide with simple step-by-step instructions
Red Dot Gives you the most important features of parental control programs
Yellow Dot A built-in timer that allows them to keep track of their own time
Yellow Dot An opportunity to develop time management skills

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